DS009 - Paranoid Delusion EP

by Hefty



UNLUCKY PROMO VID - WARNING UBER GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!! - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig8erQlBjaA

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If you are looking for dark, hell broken loose, techno then seek no further as our label's very own boss has decided to tell it how it is and release the DS's first solo EP - Paranoid Delusion EP.

In this chapter we can see how Hefty progressively defines his technique, his style and as a result - this genre of Dark Tek.

With this release Hefty delivers it harder and constructs his beats with immense precision without diluting that dirty groove on which he had built his name on. The power and the drive are the terms that seem to always maintain in his style, yet the atmospheric setting and the melodic groove is something that Hefty keeps surprising us with as he delves the listeners into his sinister, dripping with paranoia, fucked up underworld.

This steaming hot release is directed straight at the dance floor so if you are looking for something that will send waves of shivers across your audience then try any of these four tracks as every single one has been designed to do just that. Perfect thrillers for the big room fillers!


released May 16, 2013



all rights reserved


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