DS010 - 9th Gate EP

by Darker Sounds



PROMO VID - WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! - www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dhJJmIuJJM

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He made the dark his secret place; his tent round him was the dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.
/Psalms 18:11/

A quote from the Bible, or an early description pre dating the Darker Sounds head honcho and techno wunderkind Hefty? ...with great comfort, we can all agree on both answers fitting the bill. Keeping his location clandestine but handing over all fruits of labour, sonically uncompromised and with an unforgiving soundscape, DS's latest EP release '9th Gate' keeps up with the boundless list of talent seemingly churned from one of techno's most esteemed labels of today.

The first track from the 9th Gate EP is "N20" by J.Sachreiter, leading you in to a false sense of love & security you can't but help want to fall in to - obscurity is now your friend! Abstracted by it's ever growing percussion and subtle rhythm, this track continues you in to the overcast mind of EDMs most hard hitting track modulation, offering a clear insight of what is the very best in minimal techno.

The second track in by Darmec, "'Paraponera" continues to bring the noise, appealing to all big room techno aficionados looking to add that driving, mid party sound so chosen by your favourite international DJs.Contributing a tonality that will bring your mix in to our favourite - the unknown it shows off its eerie depth, dark tek moodiness and unearthly drones with metronomic discipline.

The EPs last track is a collaboration straight from Hades between Hefty and American producer Memnok!! "9th Gate"', with its ghoulish vibes, heavyweight groove and grievous nature, it rounds things up in true Darker Sounds style to give you the equilibrium of a fully charged release, gearing you for every possible crowd direction and that all important diversity; you're now prepped for any eventuality.

All in all, a back to techno basics approach while still packing more heat than a bellicose primate, this fantastic EP release continues to represent both the label and the UK in showing what is primetime techno of its kind.


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Darker Sounds UK

Dark Techno - Dark Tek - Dark Minimal

Darker Sounds will focus purely on pushing forward underground dark electronic dance music. The consistent style and quality of the music will be the defining aspect of the label, if you meet our high standards then your music will be released, regardless of whether you are an established producer or just starting.

Expect only the darkest from Darker Sounds
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