DS003 - Schizo EP

by Darker Sounds



Supported by Albert Kraner / Bjorn Torwellen / Brian Burger / Bruno Ledesma / Cern / ChromNoise / Concrete Djz / De Hessejung / Eiht / Forest People / Frank Chiarello / GabeeN / Go!Diva / Gruener Starr / Hiab / Hystericmaniak / i1 ambivalent / Julius Chap / Kai Randy Michel / Lance Blaise / Luke Creed / Mara Tone / Memnok / Microcheep & Mollo / Mike Maass / Patrick D.S.P / Positive Merge / Quantic Spectroscopy / Ronald Van Norden / Splatter / Stefano Infusino / Stevie Wilson /Subfractal / Sync Therapy / Tex-Rec / Tiari

With the Schizo EP we are invited into a dungeon of a loner producer. Back to the basics, in a place where sexy numbers wont count for shit, to a room with no windows.

This EP presents the listener with an even darker nature of DS, with ever more pulsing roughened textures, which encompass our flickering experience of these sounds. Expect to find minimal and creepy melodies which by way of hypnosis lure you into the deepest caves, with no resistance whatsoever these grooves will capture your body, shaking the last bit of breath out of you until the only thing remaining is your sanity. And believe me, it wont be too long till that will fade, too.

There are points in this EP where one can reawaken and an example of this is Darmec's Interstellar, a dreamy flowing river of soundscapes, almost a romanticised rendition of the effect of falling. Close your eyes and this piece will take you anywhere.

Things tighten up a turn in Kubark's Necrophiliac as he reminds us what it is like to share a bed with the deceased, an experienced that may be pleasant for some of you, but perhaps not for others!

ChromNoise wraps things up with two energised additions to the EP, both of which are equally as threatening with their razor sharp percussion work, which if not handled with care will leave deep infected cut marks in your spirit.


released February 22, 2013



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Darker Sounds will focus purely on pushing forward underground dark electronic dance music. The consistent style and quality of the music will be the defining aspect of the label, if you meet our high standards then your music will be released, regardless of whether you are an established producer or just starting.

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