DS006 - Hidden Path EP

by Darker Sounds



Supported by - A-Brothers // Albert Kraner // Bruno Ledesma // Cern // Chris Liebing // ChromNoise // Concrete Djz // De Hessejung // Diarmaid O Meara // Dolgener // Drumloch // Dubit // Eiht // Electrorites // Erphun // Forest People // G-Lectic // GabeeN // Go!Diva // Gruener Starr // Hackler & Kuch // Hilary Warner // Horn Porn // Hystericmaniak // Ixel // Jan Underwood // Julius Chap // Lance Blaise // Mara Tone // Memnok // Microcheep & Mollo // Mike Maass // Mike Wall // Morgan Tomas // Patrick D.S.P // Positive Merge // Ronald Van Norden // Saimon // Snello // Stefano Infusino // Stevie Wilson // SubSight // Sutter Cane // Sync Therapy // Tom Cohen // Vegim

DS006 : Hidden Path EP - OUT NOW!!

As we witness the early developments of our label that is so dear to us, even we do not fail to surprise ourselves with the quality of artists and music that join us at this crucial period. The aim of the game is continuity, currency and quality, so may our devoted comrades that spend their precious time and efforts in search of those three crucial pointers mentioned above be both the judge and the advocate of what we are trying to achieve.

For the next release on DS our listeners can expect an assortment of four pieces, usual to the label's signature sound, but each disparate from one another. It's a privilege to push out two original beauties by Sync Therapy, both loud and mysterious in their complexion, just as we like it. Darkness falls between these passages leaving plenty of room for all sorts of creatures to creep right in to fill those voids. Production is so good that it is dangerous and goes to show how much can be done in techno by bringing down the bpm just a notch.

Subsight and Stevie Wilson indulge us with one more track each, both equally provocative and macabre. 'So Called Friend' is a hurrying pusher, slightly more aggressive than the others and fills the dancerooms boldly with its ricocheting percussions and that profoundly grinding sub-action.
'Hidden Path', on the other hand, is a phantasmagoria of emerging and submerging sinister developments in which one cannot predict, or for that matter remember, what is coming next or what has just passed. This track is a blend of pretty much everything that needs to happen in a night, all tightly and vividly packed into an eight-minute experience. Hats off to Subsight!


released February 22, 2013



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Darker Sounds will focus purely on pushing forward underground dark electronic dance music. The consistent style and quality of the music will be the defining aspect of the label, if you meet our high standards then your music will be released, regardless of whether you are an established producer or just starting.

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