Darker Sounds Sample Pack Volume 6

from Darker Sounds

Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 6 has over 800mb of 24bit unique dark samples created by producer Hefty in a serial killers basement somewhere in the UK. Every sound has been crafted to help you add that underground darkness to your work. Also useful for LIVE SETS if you are a live performer

You will not find these anywhere else! 100% Dark - 100% Original - 100% Royalty Free!!!

The contents of each pack are different.

Volume 6 contains -

126 FX (Industrial, psychedelic, drones, uppers, downers, impacts etc)
76 Psychotic Computer Vocals
30 Drum Loops (128bpm)
27 FX Loops
24 Top Loops

DEMOS of the packs can be found here - www.soundcloud.com/ds-sample-pack-demos

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Darker Sounds will focus purely on pushing forward underground dark electronic dance music. The consistent style and quality of the music will be the defining aspect of the label, if you meet our high standards then your music will be released, regardless of whether you are an established producer or just starting.

Expect only the darkest from Darker Sounds
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